Therapy as a Process

Therapy is collaborative. As a therapist, I am a partner in my clients’ self-explorations and a witness to their accomplishments. I provide a serene place where clients can rediscover or develop authentic selves, deepen emotional connections with self and others, recognize how thoughts, beliefs and values affect relationships, develop healthier adaptive strategies when facing problems, work through past and present past trauma, grief, and losses and consider new ways of being in the world.  You have the strengths you need to meet your full potential and achieve a satisfying life. I can help.

How I Can Help:

I specialize in relational and collaborative psychotherapy designed to address difficulties with self-esteem, relationships and psychological trauma. I also facilitate an on-going process group. I can help you

  • Manage stress during major life changes and in daily life
  • Find new ways to cope with anxiety, including social anxiety and panic attacks
  • Fight depression, both situational and on-going
  • Improve relationships with self and others including healthy communication skills and establishing trust
  • Address issues related to self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Work through grief, loss, trauma, and abuse including emotional, physical, and sexual
  • Take charge of the anxiety and despair of chronic illness and pain
  • Embrace gender identity and sexual preferences
  • Confront issues underlying eating disorders and body images
  • Make successful life transitions including marriage, divorce, relocation and career change
  • Develop energy, enthusiasm and joy for life