About Me

Liz Cohen

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and an attorney wimailto:lizcohen63@gmail.comth over ten years experience as a psychotherapist in private practice.  I am experienced in working with a diverse range of ethnic and socioeconomic groups, religions, ages and sexual identities/orientations.  As a lawyer and a therapist, I have worked extensively with individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, struggling with substance abuse, living with chronic physical or mental illness and those traditionally underserved.

In my therapy practice, I work with individuals and couples in addition to facilitating therapy groups.  My areas of interest and experience include working with a diverse population addressing concerns regarding depression, anxiety, financial stress, health issues, relationships, eating disorders, trauma recovery, sexuality and gender issues and existential confusion.  I use a relational approach combined with mindfulness, lack of judgment, active listening,  self-awareness and a genuine presence with my clients.    I also have training in Hakomi, EMDR, hypnosis and Gottman Method of couple’s counseling and I enjoy working in collaboration with other health professionals.

Therapy is a highly personal journey, and each individual has a unique path.  My work is client-focused and interactive.  I help clients establish goals, identify obstacles, heal old hurts, and cope with challenges as they grow into the person they would like to become or become the person that they already are.

I collaborate with people struggling with specific problems and those on a journey of self-discovery and existential development.  The views we have of ourselves and the world are heavily influenced by a combination of genetics, biology and every experience we have had up to this point.  Although we cannot change the events of the past, I can help you interpret them in a new light resulting in a sense of freedom and well being.

I believe that the relationship between a client and myself is of paramount importance given that we are on a joint venture with the goal of achieving an affirmative result as defined by the client.  I do not have a specific agenda and the client sets the pace of the therapeutic process.  I love my work and am in awe of the courage my clients exhibit in the search and development of their truths.